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Get involved

GitHub repository

The DOSBox Staging project is hosted on GitHub. Here you’ll find the full source code and various project related documentation. Send us patches if you improve something! 😄

We are grateful for all community contributions as well as the original DOSBox project, upon which DOSBox Staging is based.

Report an issue

While we do our best to ensure the quality of our releases, every software has bugs. If you think you’ve spotted one, please report it in our issue tracker (requires a GitHub account).

Alternatively, join our Discord channel to discuss the problem with one of our friendly staff members.


The DOSBox Staging Wiki hosted on GitHub contains lots of useful tricks & tips, how-to’s, lists, and guides that can help newcomers and more experienced users alike.

We very much recommend perusing it, and if you’ve spotted an error or have something to share, please feel free to contribute to it.


Join the team on Discord for a good chat over a virtual beverage of your choice! 🍺 🍹 ☕

We only ask you to adhere to our Code of Conduct so every participant can enjoy the discussion.

Make a donation

DOSBox Staging is an entirely volunteer-based effort—we’re not getting paid for our activities. However, we have some running expenses and need to invest in hardware, licenses, and other non-trivial expenses to keep the team and the project going.

If you wish to make a financial contribution to support us, you can do so at our GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective pages.

We are grateful for all donations, no matter how big or small!