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0.75.1 release notes

Release date: 2020-08-19


This is a small bugfix release from 0.75.x stable branch—it includes a few changes and bugfixes backported from upcoming 0.76.x version.

How to upgrade

Download and launch the latest version:

At theZ:\> prompt, run config -wc to write the new configuration file. Any existing settings will be retained, however, extraneous comments will be dropped.

Brave souls interested in the latest features can test our work-in-progress 0.76.x alpha builds 😄. Please report any issues in our bugtracker.

Also, check out our growing Wiki.

New features in detail

Add support for binding more controller axes

Users can now comfortably use both sticks, as commonly found on modern controllers (like DualShock or any Xbox controller). Previously, only one stick could be mapped.

This change does not make old games “magically” recognize all features of modern controllers. You need to map additional controller events to emulated keyboard, mouse, or joystick events using DOSBox’s keymapper (Ctrl+F1).

This was a highly-requested community patches that wasn’t accepted by the upstream DOSBox project. We’ve included the 10-axes per controller version of the patch in DOSBox Staging.

Provide Windows x64 builds

Windows 64-bit builds are now provided alongside 32-bit builds. Additional performance optimizations (WPO) are enabled for both builds. Linux and macOS builds have been similarly optimized using LTO since the 0.75.0 release.

Both Windows builds now require SSE 4.2 instruction set, which is now on par with the Linux and macOS builds that have required SSE 4.2 support since the 0.75.0 release.

Steam Hardware survey indicates that 97.45% users have CPUs supporting SSE 4.2, so your CPU is very likely good enough 😄

Log base address of emulated memory

This change was created per request from users of Cheat Engine, but it might be useful for other memory scanners/debuggers as well.

Base memory address of DOS’s emulated memory region is now logged to the console:

MEMORY: Base address: 0x5c758e0
MEMORY: Using 4096 DOS memory pages (16 MiB)

Users previously had to debug the dosbox binary to discover the base address; an easy but tedious process.


  • Correct CD audio playback for games using single BIN/CUE; fixes a regression in The Secret of Monkey Island. (#385)

  • Fix build issue for Windows x64 target after VS2019 update. (#389)

  • Fix a crash happening after bindings for 2 controllers were added and then one controller is disconnected. (#405)

  • Fix a crash on exit after removing controller actions bound to keyboard events. (#405)

  • Prevent crash on SDL2 re-creating OpenGL window. (#509)

  • Provide detailed help for DIR /? command. (#506)

  • Fix pixel-perfect mode not respecting aspect = false setting. (#544)



  • Patryk Obara
  • kcgen

Direct contributors

  • Expack3
  • kcgen
  • nemo93
  • Patryk Obara
  • WengierWu

Indirect contributors

  • cfoesch


You can read detailed changelog via Git, e.g. using the following command:

git shortlog ^v0.75.0 v0.75.1

Thank you

We are extremely grateful for all contributions, including the invaluable improvements merged in from the DOSBox project.