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0.78.1 release notes

Release date: 2022-01-07

How to upgrade

Download and launch the latest version:

At theZ:\> prompt, run config -wc to write the new configuration file. Any existing settings will be retained, however, extraneous comments will be dropped.

Fixes and regressions

Maintenance changes to 0.78.1 are as follows (reported-by; fixed-by):

  • Fixed a crash when exiting fullscreen mode and also using OpenGL output (NicknineTheEagle; kcgen)

  • Fixed a crash and host input lockup when using SDL’s kmsdrm video driver (GranMinigun)

  • Fixed an early exit bug when using the -exit and -c exit command-line arguments (pheener and d10sfan, kcgen)

  • Fixed a memory leak when changing one or more serial port types at runtime (kcgen)

  • Fixed a regression that failed to apply aspect correction when using pixel-perfect output modes (Diduz; kcgen)

  • Fixed a regression that disabled the keyboard input when using the debugger (LowLevelMahn; kcgen)

  • Fixed a regression that impacted 32-bit performance on some Windows systems (RaymanXY; Kirk Klobe and kcgen)

  • Fixed a regression that causes a crash when opening UPX-compressed code-page files (FeralChild64; Wengier)

Functionality refinements

  • Improved the modem’s command-mode handling (NicknineTheEagle)

  • Corrected the modem’s DTR drop delay units from ms to hundredths of a second (NicknineTheEagle)

  • Reverted the allowance that let the VESA refresh rate use the host rate (RaymanXY; kcgen)

  • Allowed read-only image mounting for write-protected disk and floppy images (Burrito78; Wengier)

  • Updated the German messages and config file text (Burrito78)

  • Updated the Italian messages and config file text (Kappa971)

  • Fixed a documentation conflict describing the command line’s version flag (arrowgent)

  • Documented how to install gmock, a dependency added during 0.78.0, on Fedora (oturpe)

Development and packaging fixes

  • Fixed a compilation issue with Loguru on ARM32 using GCC 8 (rtissera; kcgen)

  • Fixed a compilation issue with older C++17 compilers missing std::filesystem support (jowtron; gulrak and kcgen)

  • Fixed a build tool-specific bug that exposed the UI when running gmock tests (oturpe and voyageur; brandonrobertz and kcgen)

Known issues

  • The MSYS2-built debugger will fail to open if launched from the Windows UI.

    • As a work-around, run it from within a command console.

    • Thanks to Sherman Perry for investigating this issue and isolating it

    • to the Windows Console API.
  • Audio might stutter on some Windows platforms. If your system is affected, adjust the mixer’s settings in your config file as follows:

    blocksize = 1024
    prebuffer = 25


    Run dosbox -editconf to open your config file.

    Thanks to Genju for reporting this regression and isolating the solution.

Thank you

We are extremely grateful for all contributions, including the invaluable improvements merged in from the DOSBox project.