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0.80.1 release notes

Release date: 2023-01-06


This maintenance release fixes minor issues with the mouse defaults, modem and Ethernet connection handling, and Meson dependencies.

We are also happy to report that the high DPI improvements in the previous 0.80.0 release have been verified on Windows, meaning that high DPI support is now functional on all platforms. Thanks to GranMinigun for this addition!

This maintenance release was made possible by everyone who tried 0.80.0, submitted bugs and pull requests, and tested the updates: thank you!

How to upgrade

Get started by downloading the latest version and updating your configuration file:


Upgrade your configuration file

  1. Launch the new release.
  2. At theZ:\> prompt, run config -wc to write the new configuration file.


  • Existing settings will be retained, but extraneous comments will be dropped.

Bug and regression fixes

  • The mouse will now be captured only after the first click inside the window. For users without a windowing environment, the previous capture-on-start behavior will remain unchanged.

  • The captured mouse will now be centered in the window upon release.

  • The softmodem now includes a brief warm-up period where it will drop initial unreliable data, similar to hardware modems. This allows Duke Nukem 3D to establish its data connection on the first attempt.

  • A potential slow memory leak related to closed Ethernet connections has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused the C: mount to become unlistable after launching DOSBox Staging with a command-line mount while using MORE.COM has been fixed.

  • The xinput2 library, an optional dependency of ManyMouse, can now be set via the Meson options. For more information, see meson_options.txt.

  • When compiling on ARM platforms, the SpeexDSP wrap will now correctly check if the host supports NEON instructions, and use them if available.

Full PR list of bug and regression fixes
  • Add Linux ARM CI jobs using containerized cross-compiler (#2193)
  • Add missing Windows 11 features to MORE command (#2142)
  • Bump Coverity to v2022.06 (#2162)
  • Bump actions/cache from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1 (#2152)
  • Bump actions/cache from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 (#2165)
  • Center mouse cursor before releasing it (#2173)
  • Change mouse capture default to ‘onclick’ (#2172)
  • Check CLI arguments for directories using non-invasive test (#2148)
  • Cleanup some minor Coverity issues (#2179)
  • Fix CGA mono and Hercules intro banners (#2190)
  • Fix imprecise help string in MORE command (#2161)
  • Fix logging of some pre-EGA modes (#2187)
  • Fix remaining two CWEs involving unchecked return values (#2150)
  • Fix slirp/ne2000 warnings (#2182)
  • Improve logging of the current display mode (#2168)
  • Improve seamless mouse configuration entry description, mention the touchscreen (#2163)
  • Make the xinput2 library optional for ManyMouse (#2155)
  • Use extended ASCII check in MORE command (#2195)
  • Use presence of desktop environment in mouse capture states (#2181)

Translation improvements

This maintenance release includes updates to the Dutch, Italian, and Polish translations.

Full PR list of translation improvements
  • Update Dutch (nl) translation of MORE (#2164)
  • Update Italian (it-it) translation (#2166)
  • Update Polish (pl) translation (#2159)
  • Update Polish (pl) translation (#2186)
  • Update Polish (pl) translation, for 0.80.x only (#2194)


The following commit authors, sponsors, supporters, and backers invested their time or funds into this maintenance release. Thank you!

Commit authors

In alphabetic order:

  • FeralChild64
  • johnnovak
  • Kappa971
  • kcgen
  • NicknineTheEagle
  • rderooy
  • shermp
  • ThomasEricB


Sponsors who donated 100+ USD per month to the project:

  • Antti Peltola
  • Wengier Wu


Backers who donated 5+ USD per month to the project:

  • Burrito78
  • Hannu Hartikainen
  • Hugo Locurcio

Thank you for considering supporting our work through a donation on GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective. Your contribution helps us purchase hardware and cover ongoing expenses to keep the project going.

Thank you

We are grateful for all community contributions as well as the original DOSBox project, upon which DOSBox Staging is based.