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0.77.1 release notes

Release date: 2021-08-28

How to upgrade

Download and launch the latest version:

At theZ:\> prompt, run config -wc to write the new configuration file. Any existing settings will be retained, however, extraneous comments will be dropped.


The following user-visible bugs were fixed in 0.77.1 (reported-by; fixed-by):

  • Fix crash when using 32-bit build and the dynamic-core on Windows 10 (Banjo-Oz; kklobe).

  • Fix crash when using 32-bit build and the dynamic-core on Raspbian (nemo93; kklobe).

  • Fix degraded joystick control during once-a-month integer time-rollover event (cimarronm).

  • Fix inability for a program to use its own bundled HELP and CHOICE executables (SmilingSpectre; Wengier).

  • Fix inability to map joystick events when joysticktype was configured as none (GranMinigun; kcgen).

  • Fix incorrect setup of the joystick when type configured as 2axis (choum; kcgen).

  • Fix input control lag on some Windows systems and on macOS when the “Magnet” GUI management program is running (Burrito78; kcgen).

  • Fix mouse control in Alive – Behind the Moon (DOSBox SVN r4461/ripsaw8080).

  • Fix performance regression when building releases on arm-based Linux SBC (mrfixit2001).

  • Fix potential Tseng ET3000 video mode corruption (DOSBox SVN r4460; ripsaw8080).

  • Fix resizing of window impacting the debugger TUI on Windows (DOSBox SVN r4462; ripsaw8080).

  • Fix potential crash when quickly Alt+Tabing on Windows (kklobe).

  • Fix size and placement of video content when using a resizeable window mode (bmunger; kcgen).

  • Fix unformattable content in translation files (dreamer; kcgen).

  • Synchronize Italian translation files (Kappa971).
  • Synchronize German translation files (Burrito78).
  • Generate macOS Universal Binary supporting x86_64 and arm64 (Kirk Klobe)

Translations pack included

French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish users: move the bundled translations directory into your DOSBox Staging configuration directory.

macOS users

Right click the file and select “Show Package Contents”. The translations folder is inside Contents/resources/.

After the move, you will have:

Linux /home/username/.config/dosbox/translations/
macOS ~/Library/Preferences/DOSBox/translations/
Windows C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\DOSBox\translations\

Load your language on the command-line:

dosbox -lang de
dosbox -lang es
dosbox -lang fr
dosbox -lang it
dosbox -lang pl
dosbox -lang ru

Or via primary or local config file:

language = de
# de, es, fr, it, pl, ru


Use dosbox -editconf to open your config file.

For future reference, the above is also discussed in the README.

Thank you

We are extremely grateful for all contributions, including the invaluable improvements merged in from the DOSBox Team and the DOSBox-X Team.

DOSBox Staging maintains original authorship on all commits to ensure attribution is recorded in the version control system (git).